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About Us

Bruce DeFoor has been called the “Renaissance Man” because he has virtually had his hand in almost every type of art for the past 35 years. He began his artistic training at an early age. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in painting, he chose to work towards a Master of Art Education. Bruce also holds a Masters of Art in sculpture and a Masters of Fine Art in painting. As an instructor at a community college for over 25 years, he taught photography, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, figure drawing, painting, murals, and videography. Because of his experience in so many art fields, Bruce formed D4 Arts to incorporate all those mediums and offer them to the public for purchase or commission work. Although Bruce primarily enjoys painting in pastel and oil, he and his wife, Beth, have been creating stained glass art work, from small to large installations, for a variety of individuals, businesses, and churches for more than 25 years. Painted banners on cloth and photographs on canvas have also been a common commission for D4 Arts. Also recently added to the D4 Arts repertoire of work is tile mosaic.

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